While Kangar has a range of shops, malls and markets, its attraction for visitors stems from the town’s proximity to the frontier town of Padang Besar. The busiest border town linking the Peninsula to mainland Southeast Asia, Padang Besar has both Malaysian and Thai sectors with the Thai side referred to as Pekan Siam, a much more freewheeling environment for entertainment.

Both sides are always crowded and with local shopping bargains reputed to be the cheapest in the country, Padang Besar, with its mix of Malay, Chinese and Thai influences and duty free shops and numerous bars, is a must stop for border travellers from Malaysia and Thailand.

Kayangan Square

Jalan Penjara, Pusat Bandar Kangar, 01604 Kangar, Perlis

+6 04-977 2616

Kangar City Center

01000 Kangar, Perlis

K-PARC Shopping Mall

Kampung Bukit Lagi, 01000 Kangar, Perlis