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Kuala Terengganu attraction

Kuala Terengganu was a major fishing port and one of the important trading ports in Malaya. The chief export commodities were coffee, gambier, gold, ivory, pepper and tin. They were mainly traded for rice, tobacco, cotton goods and opium.

The economic sector in Kuala Terengganu is mostly made up of small-scale manufacturing industries such as the traditional textile making, local food industries, arts and craft factories, and agriculture, with most of them centred around residential areas or villages.

There are two main industrial estates catered to bigger industries, one in Chendering and the other one in Gong Badak. Factories such as those that produce bricks or timber products are located further away from the main city areas. As the principal gateway for tourists to the state, tourism remains as one of the economic sources for Kuala Terengganu.