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Terrapuri Heritage Village

According to the Malaysian Census 2010, Kuala Terengganu has a population of 406,317. The city population mainly consists of Malays with a population of 319,813. Chinese residents are the second biggest ethnic group (11,617). Other residents include non-Malaysian citizens (4,326), other Bumiputras (643), Indians (867) and others (287). The census also found that the population of Kuala Terengganu is 96.9% Muslim, 2.5% Buddhist, 0.2% Hindu, 0.2% Christian, and 0.2% follower of other religions, Sikhs or non-religious. All Malays are Muslim. The Chinese of Kuala Terengganu are made up of Hokkien and they practise either Buddhism, Taoism or Christianity.

Terengganu Malay is widely spoken and the main lingua franca in the city being used by almost all the city’s population. Some Malays also speak Kelantanese, especially those from the border kampung. The Chinese mostly communicate in Hokkien with some using Teochew and Mandarin. Most Indians in Kuala Terengganu speak Tamil. Standard Malay and English are also widely spoken by the more educated residents.