Klang A Royal Town Of Selangor, Malaysia – Istana Alam Shah

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Klang A Royal Town Of Selangor, Malaysia – Istana Alam Shah

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Istana Alam Shah merupakan istana rasmi Sultan Selangor. Di istana inilah tempat baginda menjalankan tugas-tugas rasmi sebagai Sultan dan adat istiadat yang melibatkan di Raja Selangor dilangsungkan. Istana ini terletak di bandar diraja KlangSelangor iaitu di bahagian Klang Selatan.

Istana Alam Shah Klang
   Kubah Menara Istana Alam Shah Klang

Istana Alam Shah is the Sultan of Selangor’s official palace. It is from here that His Royal Highness carries out his official duties as Sultan and ceremonies involving the Selangor royalty are held here. The palace is located in the south of the royal town of Klang, Malaysia.

Reign 21 November 2001 – Present
Coronation March 2003
Born 24 December 1945
Birthplace KlangSelangor
Predecessor Sultan Salahuddin
Raja Muda Tengku Amir Shah
Offspring Tengku Zerafina
Tengku Zatashah
Tengku Amir Shah
Father Sultan Salahuddin
Mother Raja Shaidatul Ihsan

Istana Alam Shah telah dibina pada tahun 1905, sewaktu pemerintahan Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah, Sultan Selangor ke-5. Baginda telah bersemayam di istana berkenaan selama 35 tahun sehinggalah kemangkatan baginda pada tahun 1938. Di sini juga Sultan Selangor ke-7, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah dilahirkan.

Rekabentuk istana Alam Shah yang asal (1905)

Mahkota Puri Palace in Klang was built in the year 1889 to replace Alaeddin Palace (Bandar Palace) in Jugra as the Royal Administrative Center. The Sultan of Selangor at that time, Sultan Alaeddin Suleiman Shah dwelled in this palace in 1903. When the Sultan died in 1938, Tengku Alam Shah was inaugurated as the new Sultan. It was during this time Mahkota Puri was demolished to be replaced with Alam Shah Palace. The new palace was built on the same site as Mahkota Puri in the year 1950. SourceGone but not forgotten.

Istana Alam Shah mempunyai 15 buah bilik dan ia direka dengan menggunakan kayu dan batu marmar. Sebagai seorang anak jati Klang yang menyayangi kesan-kesan sejarah di Klang, saya agak terkilan dengan kehilangan senibina Istana Alam Shah yang bersejarah ini.

Disebabkan saiz Istana Alam Shah yang dibina pada 1905 agak kecil (tidak berapa nampak daripada luar kerana terlindung pokok-pokok besar) ia telah diubahsai dari semasa ke semasa. Pada awal tahun 2000, sewaktu pemerintahan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, istana ini telah dinaik taraf dengan rekabentuk dan bahan binaan yang lebih moden.

Istana Alam Shah

Rekabentuk istana Alam Shah mulai tahun 2000 hingga kini. Menaranya yang tinggi dengan kubah berwarna keemasan sentiasa bersinar kilat dan jelas dilihat dari jauh.

Pintu masuk Istana Alam Shah Klang

Pintu masuk utama ke dalam kawasan Istana Alam Shah, Klang.

Istana Alam Shah Klang

Istana Alam Shah Sebagai Produk Pelancongan Negeri Selangor.

KLANG: Istana Alam Shah, the official palace of the Sultan of Selangor for more than a century, will be transformed into a museum soon.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah had expressed his aspiration to expand the museums and enhance the tourism as well as historical activities in the Royal Town.

The state government was supportive of the idea of the Sultan to open the palace, which was built in 1905 during the ruling of the 5th Sultan of Selangor Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah, to public viewing.

“If Tuanku approves, we hope to open the palace by next year,” he told a press conference Monday after visiting the Royal Gallery of Sultan Abdul Aziz here.

Khalid said the palace would provide tourists to Klang an additional visiting place besides the gallery to learn more about the Selangor Sultanate.

“Visitors can visit parts of the palace such as the Balairung Seri, Balai Santapan and see the artefacts in the building.

“Not all areas in the palace are open to the public though and it will only be open a few days in every week,” he said.

Khalid added that the project would not cost much as the building and exhibits already exist.

However, certain renovation works are expected to be carried out to build a visitor route and additional interior designs, he said.

A budget is also needed for museum officials, administrative staff and security guards.

To maintain the non-profit museum, the state government would be providing operational expenditure for the project through other means such as charging a minimum entrance fee, he added.

Khalid explained that the expansion of the museum was important as people nowadays were expecting higher cultural activities such as museum, music and arts.

Petikan Berita daripada BERNAMA

KLANG, July 21 (Bernama) — After the opening of The Royal Gallery here last October as a new tourist attraction in this royal town, the state is working to make Istana Alam Shah as another “must visit” spot.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim Monday said the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, had mooted the idea of opening up certain areas of the palace for tourists to see and experience.

He, however, said there was a need to have some interior design work to be done to the palace to accommodate some artifacts and to construct a special access passage within the palace grounds because not all parts of the building would be accessible to the public.

The opening up of part of Istana Alam Shah will give visitors a feel of the country’s constitutional monarchy system,” he told reporters during his visit to The Royal Gallery here.

The gallery mostly showcases personal items and collection of the late Selangor Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, the father of the present Sultan.

Asked when Istana Alam Shah would be ready for tourists to visit, he said it would be subjected to Sultan Sharafuddin’s approval, but hopefully the palace would be opened for public visits by next year.

He said he expected the project to be funded by the state while the operational fund could be sourced from the entrance fees to the palace as well as from the sale of souvenirs and gifts to visitors.

This project also challenged the state government to transform the image of Klang and to create efficient public transportation within the town to facilitate public visits to places of interest, he added.

Khalid said the state government would also look into rehabilitating the Klang River for flood mitigation and as an alternative transport channel, besides offering a riverside walk for tourists to enjoy.

He said Klang needed to be transformed because as it grew, the public expected more cultural activities like arts promotions through the galleries and theatres, musical performances and historical showcases via the museum.

Mohd Azeri 2008.

The Federal Government then bought the palace in 1957, to be converted into the Istana Negara. Since then it had undergone several renovations and extensions. But the most extensive upgrading was carried out in 1980, as it was the first time that the Installation Ceremony of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong was held at the Istana Negara. Prior to this the Installation Ceremonies were held at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

This majestic building is nestled within a serene and beautiful 11.34-hectare compound with a variety of plants and flowers, swimming pool and indoor badminton hall. It is located at Syed Putra Road right in the heart of the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The building has several halls for specific purposes such as the two main halls, the Throne Hall (Balairong Seri) and the Audience Hall (Dewan Mengadap) on the ground floor.

The whole area is fenced up and the Royal Insignia of His Majesty is placed on each steel bar between two pillars of the fence. At the front of the Istana Negara, there is the main entrance which resembles a beautiful arch. On each side of the arch, are two guard posts to shelter two members of the cavalry in their smart full dress uniform similar to the ones at Buckingham Palace, London.

As the palace grounds are not opened to members of the public or tourists, the Main Palace Entrance is a favourite picture spot for tourists.