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Quick Facts About Climbing Mount Kinabalu

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Quick Facts About Climbing Mount Kinabalu

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  • Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Malaysia. The summit, Low’s Peak, sits at 4095.2 meters (13,435 feet) above sea level.
  • The mountain is located in the state of Sabah, East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Among the mountains in Malaysia, it is the most prominent.
  • Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia. It is also the 20th tallest mountain in the world by topographic prominence and is one of the highest peaks in the world that is easily trekked by most people.
  • 185 climb permits is the maximum daily limit issued per day by Sabah Parks for climbing Mount Kinabalu. Sabah Parks issued a mandatory requirement that a fixed number of climb permits be reserved for the people of the State and Country as below.
  • Permits Reseved Per Day Category
  • 10Sabahan only
  • 25Malaysian only
  • 150Malaysian and/or International
  • All climbers are required to apply Sabah Parks climb permits and Panalaban accommodation in advance.
  • All climbers are required to engage a mountain guide. The ratio of climbers to mountain guides depend on the size of the group and the age of the climbers. One mountain guide is allowed to take a maximum of two (2) children aged below 16 years or a maximum of five (5) climbers aged 16 years and above in the same group.
  • Timpohon Gate (1,866m a.s.l) @ Kinabalu National Park is the starting and ending points for all climbers.
  • There are two summit trails starting from Panalaban to Sayat-Sayat; the Ranau Summit Trail (opened in 1 Dec 2015) & the Kota Belud Summit Trail (opened in 9 Dec 2016).
  • Laban Rata Resthouse, Pendant Hut, Lemaing Hut, Mokodou and Kinotoki are the current accommodation at Panalaban base camp for climbers.
  • Laban Rata Resthouse provides buffet meals inclusive in the climb package (Note: Not all meals inside the package are buffet-style – such as breakfast, packed lunch, supper)
  • The only heated dormitories and rooms in Panalaban base camp are the three (3) private rooms in Laban Rata Resthouse.
  • It is advisable to stay in the Kinabalu National Park or a highland resort at Kundasang prior the climb for high altitude acclimatisation (Refer to all 3D2N & above climb packages).
  • You can summit the mountain anytime of the year, however, if the weather does not permit, Sabah Parks Authority will close the gate to the summit for safety reasons.

Make your booking process a breeze

Booking Tips

  • It normally takes 2 days 1 night (2D1N) to complete a Mount Kinabalu climb.
  • For 3 days 2 nights (3D2N) option, the first night at Kinabalu Park (foot of Mount Kinabalu) usually helps climbers to acclimatize to altitude.
  • Identify your ideal climbing date (date of ascent) and check the availability with us.
  • Choose your type of climb packages, Non-Ferrata or Via Ferrata.
  • All accommodation provided in the climb packages are standard and based on run-of-house (ROH), which means the room given is determined by the accommodation provider, according to availability, at the time of check-in. Do inform us if you wish to upgrade at an additional fee.
  • We will secure LEGAL climb permits that are available on your ideal climb dates.
  • Climb slots are secured/guaranteed only after payment is made.
  • Climbers are requested to provide us with a scanned copy of their passport upon booking confirmation.
  • Do let us know if you require other tour or accommodation arrangement.
  • Please ensure your climb slots are secured with a booking confirmation received from us before booking your flight tickets.
  • We do not recommend to catch your flight on the same day of climb descent due to delays from traffic condition and/or injuries.
  • We recommend a comprehensive Travel Insurance purchased in your home country for better protection and coverage.
  • Only book through licensed local tour operators (such as Amazing Borneo Tours) listed in Sabah Tourism Board for safety reasons.
  • Beware of bogus/scam websites operated by unknown organisation.

“Don’t be a victim to be stranded without a licensed climb permit”

Who Can Climb Mount Kinabalu?

Any Age Limit?

There are no particular age limits for Mount Kinabalu climbers. As long as you are good in health status or you have seek approval from your doctor if you are on any medication. We have served thousands of climbers ranging from 3 years old to 87 years old. However, we suggest young children to be at least 10 years old due to the numerous steps and steep slopes. Similarly, elderly climbers need to be in good health and fitness level to attempt the climb.

For Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata

For Mount Kinabalu Climb via Ferrata routes, you need to be between at least 10 years old (for Walk the Torq) and 17 years old (for Low’s Peak Circuit) and not more than 70 years old with a minimum height of 1.3 metres. Additional requirements are that you need to be overall fit, healthy and preferably not afraid of heights. The Via Ferrata option is an experience for anyone who wants to try climbing a mountain in another manner. It allows access to scenic sections of the mountains that are typically available only to experienced rock climbers and mountaineers.

Climb Permit, Mountain Guide & Porter Fees

Rates for Sabah Parks Mount Kinabalu Climb Permit (Effective 1 Jan 2017)


Adult 50.00 200.00

Child 30.00 80.00

Rates for Mountain Guide (Effective 1 Jan 2017)


(Timpohon-Summit-Timpohon) RATIO



Climbers aged 16 years and above. 1 : 5 230.00

Climbers aged below 16 years. 1 : 2 230.00

Rates for Porter (Effective 1 Jan 2017)


1. Timpohon – Panalaban 10.00 65.00 / Way

2. Panalaban – Timpohon 10.00 65.00 / Way

3. Timpohon – Sayat-Sayat 10.00 75.00 / Way

4. Sayat-Sayat – Timpohon 10.00 75.00 / Way

5. Timpohon – Summit 10.00 80.00 / Way

6. Summit – Timpohon 10.00 80.00 / Way

** Maximum weight is 10 Kgs and additional weight will be charged based on daily rate per Kg
** All rates displayed are NETT.

Note: You are required to secure an accommodation in Panalaban in order to apply for a climb permit.
All listed climb packages here will automatically include a legal climb permit and accommodation in Panalaban.