That Secret Beach in Kuantan

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That Secret Beach in Kuantan

Published on April 16, 2018 | by wandersea.co

Lurching waves and shimmers of warmth against the blue shimmering crystal clear ocean, whilst I laze on the soft white beach in my bikini holding cocktails (one on each hand of course). These are days I dream of as I type away in front of my laptop with a pin up in front of me that says ‘Summer is a state of mind.’

Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to find a beautiful beach that is only a few hours away from KL to get my quick fix of Vitamin Sea over the weekend. I’m a true island girl at heart- I’ve got more bikini, monokini and beachwear in my closet than anything else.

Our friend Bobby who is a local in Kuantan told us that he will be bringing us to a secret beach that has been his hideout ever since a kid. What most don’t know is that slightly away from the popular and crowded Teluk Cempedak beach, lays a beautiful secluded beach.

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As the specific location couldn’t be geotagged, we decided to name it after our friend Bobby who brought us there- Bobby’s Secret Beach. Well, not much of a secret now that it’s out here in public haha!  (Sorry, not sorry Bobby)

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We took a bridge to Teluk Cempedak 2, strolled towards the end of the beach and walked through a 20 minutes jungle trail and was greeted by a milky-white beach and azure sky with such literal exhibition of colours.

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My personal swimsuit pick for this short getaway, would definitely be the one piece swimsuits. Monokini will always be my first pick when it comes to holidays with friends where they would be lots of eating and drinking. Tammy, my tummy is not very friendly and likes to hide herself at social events. Thus, the monokini is the perfect disguise to that!

The evening glow takes on a shade akin to rose that fade as the sun sets over the backdrop of the whirling sea. A little sadness creeps in knowing that the rest of the day can’t possibly be as beautiful and there is only one way to end the day here, the silent sunset.