The Culture Street In Seremban

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The Culture Street In Seremban

Published on March 3, 2019 | by

Hi, Today we will talk about the place you must visit in Seremban which is N9 Sungei Ujong Walk. Want to know what is the specialty of this place? Let’s find out together!

The culture street in Seremban. This is built for enliven Seremban and make it a tourist destination.
We know that Seremban town is only alive till 7:00pm. Sungei Ujong Walk want to attract people back to Seremban and let this town lively even at night.
N9 Sungei Ujong Walk also have mural for people take photo. People can take photo and upload to social media for a memory which had come to N9 Sungei Ujong Walk.
At the night, the atmosphere in this place will make people feel integrated into local culture.
Sometimes, the organization will organize some event like culture costume for people to enjoy. It will make local and foreigner more understand the culture of Seremban and Malaysia.
Stay tune for next. We will talk about the a variety of food in N9 Sungei Ujong Walk.