Hidden Gems In Sitiawan- Lumut- Ipoh

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Hidden Gems In Sitiawan- Lumut- Ipoh

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Landed on Marina Island – Lumut – Sitiawan – Ipoh 

What can you do with 3 days 2 nights trip? 
Let’s do a self-driving trip to reveal the essence of our country. Exploring the wonders along your domestic journey. They’re just too charming ! 



1. D’PINE cafe 
Arrived Sitiawan after a 3 hours driving from KL.
Piercing hot weather reminds us to grab a refreshing drinks. D’PINE cafe is an ideal coffee shop located by the ocean.
While enjoying your lemonade, you can have a panorama ocean view.
Menu offers wide range of beverages, snack and food. Prices of beverage ranging from RM 5 – RM 10.00. Definitely more worth it than your S.buck drinks.
You may go around 6pm plus to have a sun set watching too.

*D’PINE cafe*
Location : next to rockbund fishing village
It’s inside Marina island compound. Drive till the end and follow rockbund village signage
Tel : 016-5580388

2. Rockbund Fishing Village
This chalet is located by the sea and it’s just neighbouring to the D’PINE cafe. This beautiful chalet allows you to have a holistic sea view just right in front of you door step.
They’re also having an extended platform for further drawing out to the sea to enable a full panaroma sea view.  That’s actually for fishing purpose but if you’re not keen to fish, you may just grab a leaning chair and rest. To enjoy this breathaking sea view!
I would say this location is perfect. They’re surrounded by borderless sea water. Front view is mother ocean and behind is the largest manmade sea.
During our stay, we used to wake up early and cycling along the rocky shore. The view and the cool sea breeze were so charming and pleasurable. Forget about working stress and immerse yourself into this wonderful nature.
Location : Rockbund Fishing Village
Marina Island, Jalan Utama Marina Island.
Cost : RM 250 – RM 400 per night depending if it’s low/peak season.
3. Marina Island Resort
Marina Island is a newly develop manmade island and it’s also known as largest manmade island in Malaysia.
During out trip to lumut, we actually spent a night in this resort and the other night at Rockbund. This resort comes with a very spacious apartment unit and facing manmade sea.
There are a lot of activities within the resort, ranging from manmade beach, giant Garoupa feeding pool, swimming pool ( child & adult) and walking trails along the manmade beach.
It was a very pleasant experience staying here. Me and mom was taking a stroll to the yacht platform, and the pathway would then be leading us to marina jetty where there were a lot of oustading cafe houses there.
Sunset watching here was superb too.
If you come with a big family, this will be you ideal choice as the unit can fit high occupancy.
4. Mangrove Park ( Taman Paya Bakau ) 
One of the key attraction in Lumut is Mangrove Park. There is a board walk built within the park and you may just follow the board walk trail and watch this oldest mangrove forest.
The roots of the trees were just amazing. Watching through from far, it was just like a secret forest with a lot of mysterious legends.
It’s covered with a lot of giant roots and we felt like entering to a harry potter forest with magical power rendered.
Good to explore. There were many monkies at the entrance of the park. Do not feed them otherwise they may become more aggressive in grabbing your foods. They’re said the guardian of this forest.
Location : Desa Manjung Raya, Lumut
Entrace : Free
Business hours : 24 hours/ 7 days
5. Lumut Waterfront
If you’re looking for some street shopping at night, come to this waterfront. Many shops are open till late evening.
They’re selling a lot of local products and preserved seafoods, like dried shrimp, salted fish, snacks and many more.
Freshness guarantee as most of the products are manufactured locally and the seafoods are sourced from the local fishing village.
Good to visit.
6. Breakfast at best Roti Canai Pak Tam 
Wondering where to have a most localised breakfast? Missing the small town flavours? A pack of nasi lemak, Roti Telur +The Tarik? I highly recommend you this breakfast place near to a kampung melayu.
They do not have a fancy or greatly renovated stall, it’s just a wooden hut set beside a fishing village. But I can guarantee you the price and food will definitely satisfy your tastebuds.
Come early to have a nice table near to the edge of the stall for local fishing village view.
Along the road, you would see a lot of fish monger selling freshly caught fishes. Buy some and asked the restuarant nearby to cook for you by paying some labour fees. It’s too fresh to believe.
Location : Kampung Sitiawan
Business Hours : 7am – 12pm ( closed on Friday)
Cost: RM 1.00 – RM 5.00
7. Hailam kopitiam @ Yik Fung ( 益丰) 
This hailam kopitiam is popular with their toast. Their signature is the toast with the spread of their made Kaya + A piece of square in shape butter. Do order their hailam kopi, it’s a perfect match to you toast.
The owner of this coffee shop is not really patient, you’re advised to place your order very quickly. Otherwise you may tend to be told off hahaha.
This coffee shop is located at a very perfect location. There is a small fishing jetty next to it. After filling up your stomach, take a stroll along the jetty for digestion and enjoy the beautiful fishing village life.
Location : Kampung Bahru Lumut
Business hours : 7am – 2pm ( closed on Wednesday)
8. D’Mystery Cafe House 
This cafe is an open air concept and located at the sea shore. While sipping your coffee, you can enjoy beautiful ocean view here and exposed to the evening sun.
You will find it very windy sitting outside on the vibrant grass field and it’s very relaxing too when the sun light become softer and gentler in setting time.
This cafe will close during the rainy day as they won’t be able to display their chairs and table outdoor. So depend on your luck.
Location: Marina Island Jetty
Business hours : 6pm onwards
9. Hightime Bistro
This bistro is next to the D’Mystery Cafe. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day during our visit, D’Mystery was close. So we went to the next door, the bistro mentionedabove for our tea time.
It was a very nice bistro located by the sea shore.
There was a small beach in front of this Bistro and some leaning chairs set outdoor for you too enjoy the sea view and cool breeze whilst drinking your chilling beer.
We tried the Pepperoni Pizza and hot chocolate. Foods were awesome too.
Location  : Marina Island jetty, Complex 1
Business hours 
Sunday : 12pm – 12am
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday : 4pm – 3am 
Friday & Saturday : 12pm – 3am 
Tuesday : Closed
10. Seafood restaurant Hai Tien Di
This restaurabt is located along kampung Cina. Seafood is fresh and price is reasonable
I will recommend their signature steamed shark meat. The meat is tender and fresh. No fishy smell and very appetizing.
This restaurant is serving fresh seafood, they’re having a lot of big water tanks to keep to live  seafood fresh. You can even choose any of those at the tank to have the most satisfied ones.
Other recommendationa are their Flower Crabs, Lala, and silver sillago ( 沙均鱼)

Location : Kampung China Sitiawan
Business hours : 11am – 10.30pm
Shark meat : RM 38.00
Sillago Fish ( 8 pcs) : RM 38.00
Vege: RM 8.00
Lala : RM 18.00

11. Villa Seafood Restaurant
Another seafood restaurant located along Kampung Cina. It’s quite a nice ambience restaurant. Famous with their seafood platter. According to the owner, their signature is the seafood platter with various kind of seafoods in a hot pot.
Regret that we didn’t order that as we only got to know it during payment time.
This restaurant allowed us to bring our own fish. We brought the fish that we bought at the Kampung Melayu and asked for steaming. They charged us RM 20.00 for Labour. We got a very huge pomfret fish from the market. It was really awesome.
This restaurant is very comfy as they’re having a spacious compound. The interior is superb too as they’re decorating their restaurant with some artistic stuff. There is also a small garden for you to visit too.
Location : Kampung Cina Sitiawan
Pomfret : RM 20.00 ( labour cost only)
Total bill for all of the above RM 99.00.
12. Teatime @ Restorant Yee Si
Driving along the nostalgic town in sitiawan and you’ll certainly not miss this classic coffee shop located just right at the main road near kampung koh. Just stop over and have a cup of aromatic coffee and the very authentic home made *PAO*. Told be noted that the pao will only be ready round 3pm++. Despite you arrive there early, you still have to hold till 3pm++ for the PAO serving.
The most famous pao is called *MOU MOU*. It’s a layered pao with peanut filing. Super nice. In fact, it was fully sold out upon our arrival, and after several persuasion, the boss managed to spared 2 pieces of MOU MOU to ease our eagerness. Price is reasonable. Out total cost was only RM 19.00 for one big bowl braised noodles, 1 coffee, 1 milo & 4 pieces of Pao.
Restorant Yee Si
Location : 80 Jalan Lin Chen Mei, Kampung Koh. (Near to a settlement museum)
Close at 4pm.
13. Tua Pek Gong Temple 
One of the main attraction you shouldn’t miss is TUA PEK GONG temple located in Sitiawan village. This temple is very gorgeous and rooted just right in front of the ocean. Whilst visiting the temple for asking God blessing, you may also take a stroll at the ocean bay. Plenty of car parks and when approaching the temple, you will see a 5ft height wall fencing up the temple. And it will lead you to the car park area. There are some very lofty God statue set up at the main entrance gate and facing the ocean. The Feng shui is superb and do discover many other interesting godly stuff inside the temple too. There is one dragon trail  built in the centre of the temple, you may enter from the dragon mouth and walk through the end. There is some enlightenment about the hell punishment. It worthwhile to pay a visit ! P/s . Remember to acquire some holy water from the well in front of the temple. It brings you luck and good fortune. You may use it to wash through your car plate. Myth saying you will hit toto.
LOCATION: Jalan Pasir Panjang Sitiawan
Opening hours : 8am ( closed at 9pm)
14. Settlement museum Sitiawan 
Probably after teatime, you can stopover settlement museum for a visit. Unfortunately, during my visit, the museum as close for renovation until September 2018. Will revisit next time when we’re back here.
5. Thai Buddhist temple
This thai Buddhist temple is located just beside the museum settlement. After visiting the museum, you may just proceed next door for this checkout. There is a very enormous golden Buddha statue set inside the temple. There are some other praying sections within this compound too. This temple looks very classic and believed it has been here for many years. There is myth that this temple is very spiritual & will fulfill all your wishes if you are sincere to what you’re praying for.
15. Cheong Cia Gong Pian 曾家福州光饼
One of the *must not miss* local delicacy when you’re in Sitiawan is Gong Pian cookies. They’re still using traditional baking method whereby they will stick the dough into side wall of the bricks stove. Adding charcoal and bake until they’re ready to serve. It really takes time for the whole baking process. Make sure you’re patient enough to wait for their serving. From far, you can sense the onion alike scent. I really like the filling. It’s not the common biscuit that you can find in ipoh nor other town. Do try one of you’re here. It costs only RM 1.05 per piece.
Cheong Cia Gong Pian
Location: 12, Lorong Tok Perdana, Taman Tok Perdana  Sitiawan
16. Dinner at Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock Seafood Restaurant 
Wondering where to go for a nice seafood? Highly recommend this chinese seafood restaurant located @ kampung cina lumut. I can assure you the freshness and various cooking style will definitely lure your tastebud. Most importantly, the price is super reasonable. In fact, we only ordered 2 dishes due to we came with only 2 pax and my friend was not in appetite. Butter sotong and balacan kangkung with impressive portion only costed us less than RM 20.00. What a value meal! Let’s try out this. The taste is sumptuous!

17. Breakfast at 车仔面 food stall 

When you’re in the small town, exploring some authentic home cook taste become an important mission. No point of having cafe style food as you can find plenties in Kl. Try out this 车仔面 food stall in Sitiawan. It’s not easily noticeable when you’re passing through the main road. You need to enter into a main gate and first seeing a warehouse alike store and this food stall is just right behind this warehouse store. Must try food – 太阳面包 ( sunny bread) signature & of course the very aromatic coffee. Do order their famous noodles – curry soup and fried kuey teow  ( RM 5.00 per plate). The kuey teow is so superb and it comes with a generous amount of prawns and cockles. The kuey teow is prepared by an old lady. This is exactly the home cook taste I’m looking with.

车仔面 sitiawan 

Location: near to TATA guest house ( beside Zhong seng enterprise) , just waze 车仔面 Sitiawan and you will find it

Signature : 太阳面包 ( Sunny bread) , Fried kuey teow, curry mee( pls take note that curry mee contains peppermint leaves.


Ipoh is commonly known by all Malaysians. Besides tons of good foods, mountains, fruits, caves, cultural streets and there are definitely something else that you can explore out of the norms – The haven lakeside resort. This chapter will be more focusing on this resort retreat and other delicacies out of ipoh town and will not involve other common attractions which are actively introduced at other blogs.

This resort is definitely the ideal place for family retreat. There is an unbelievably gorgeous infinity pool featured with 360′ degree limestone and mountain view. The pool is separated into multi layers with a man made hotspring. Imagining when you soak yourself into the hotspring pool at a silent night and above you is a starlit sky and surrounded by limestone and mountains. What a  beautiful picturesque scenery. Try out this. You’ll have no regret. At least the price is more affordable than The Banjaran!

Millions years limestone
Reflection shadow. Looks like 2 worlds from up and down

The haven lakeside resort 

Location: Jalan Haven, Persiaran Lembah Perpaduan.

Price : Ranging from RM 400 – RM 700 per night ( for 3 bedroom unit)
Pool facilities operating hours : 7am – 10pm

19. Menglembu Wai Sek Kai 

During peak season when all food stalls in ipoh town are flooded with crowds, it’s time for you to source some alternative local foods out of the central. Menglembu (万里望) is a small town about 15 mins drive from ipoh central. There is a very typical food street called * Wai Sek Kai* by the local people. Some variety of food stalls operated by local villager. The foods are just too good to believe.

This fried chicken stall is their local specialty. I’ll say it’s a must try food.
This is another fried chicken stall which the taste is equally nice as the first
Chicken skin is too crunchy and the chicken is well cooked too. Personally,  I hate the fried chicken with the blood stain inside the bone. But this is really well done. Try the Chicken fillet too.

Menglembu Wai Sek Kai 
Location: 5 Jalan tranchell, Taman menglembu ipoh.
Operating hours: 5pm to 11 pm ( night)
Must try : fried chicken, Fried carrot cake and nasi lemak