Puteri Harbour. Puteri Harbour is a marina development that spans 687 acres (2.8 km²) on the straits of Johor.

The Malaysian Census in 2010 reported the population of Johor Bahru as 497,067. The city’s population is a mixture of three main ethnicities – Malays, Chinese and Indians- along with other bumiputras. Malays comprise a plurality of the population at 240,323, followed by Chinese totalling 172,609, Indians totaling 73,319 and others totalling 2,957. The Malays in Johor are strongly related to the neighbouring Riau Malays.

The Chinese mainly are from the Teochew, Hoklo, Hainanese and Hakka dialect groups, while the Indian community mainly and predominantly are Tamils. There are also small populations of Malayalis, Telugus and Sikh Punjabis. The Malays are majority Muslims, while the Chinese are mainly Buddhists and the Indian were mostly Hindus despite there also is a considerable number from the two groups that are Christians and Muslims.