Paddy field, Kangar

Following the establishment of British colonial administration Kangar developed as a trading transit for agricultural and marine products from our northernmost region as well as became a convenient link between Malaya and Thailand.

Today, besides its role as the state capital and with a large civil service and education population base, the town serves as a commercial, communication and tourist gateway to the other parts of the state and southern Thailand. The economy of Perlis depends largely on forestry, agriculture and fishing industries. It is one of the largest sugarcane producers in Malaysia. Rubber is also cultivated on a large scale and fruit exports include watermelon and mango.

The most conspicuous economic activity is that based on paddy culture as the state is part of the Muda Irrigation project, the largest rice growing scheme in the country. In fact the coat of arms of Perlis consists of a green wreath of padi, representing the agricultural wealth of the state and the main economic activity of the people. The shield in the center represents the pride of the people. Inside the shield is a ring of golden rice surrounding the name “Perlis” written in the Jawi script.